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It seems that just about every element of a candle can affect how fast they burn, so it's no wonder that people are curious about the addition of candle dyes and colorants.

Most people seem to think that plain white candles will burn faster than those with added dyes.

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This is especially true for richly colored candles with a lot of added dye.

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Here are some links to show the results of such experiments: As you can see, color doesn't play much of a factor in how long a candle burns.

The reasoning behind this theory is that the plain wax is more pure, and will give a faster burn than candles with additives.

There's nothing wrong with this line of thought, but when put to the test, do white candles burn faster than colored candles?

In reality, color makes little to no difference in how fast a candle burns.

In fact, candle dyes can make a candle burn hotter in some cases, causing the colored candles to burn faster.

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