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Some of Peterson’s online acolytes have even begun calling themselves lobsters.

But in a series of interviews with Shepherd and his circle—a diverse, earnest group of Peterson admirers—Maclean’s has uncovered instead a community of self-improvement junkies who appear less alt-right than uncertain about how to manage in a rapidly evolving age and eager to figure it out.

They are new Canadians, people of colour, men and women.

While it is true that they are sometimes aggrieved by the new rules of etiquette governing pluralistic Canada—especially when it comes to matters of gender—their experiences are often as reflective of the broader Canadian mosaic as anyone’s.In essence, the idea seems to be that human beings, in confronting the unknowns of life in a harsh and chaotic world, are hard-wired to grab hold of that chaos and generate from it narratives.Read these stories right—whether encoded in myth or echoed in novels by Peterson favourites like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Solzhenitsyn, even delivered to us in our dreams—and you secure a way of manoeuvring the uncaring anarchy of experience, even the rotten part of life that for Peterson is embodied in the wicked snake of Eden.“He takes the existentialists seriously,” Filice explains, noting Peterson’s insistence that “life is tragic at bottom—you enter the world in excruciating pain and you die alone.” Somehow, Filice says as he cradles his damaged hand at a café in Toronto, he found this message comforting: “Watching Jordan Peterson helped with the healing.” Filice began attending Peterson’s Bible talks, and ended up buttonholing him outside the last of these lectures.He had made plans to fly to Peru and participate in a series of hallucinogenic ayahuasca rituals in the jungle—part of his efforts to liberate himself from the emotional trauma of his accident.

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