Who is ashley olsen dating now tad hilgenbrink dating

'No one would be surprised if she was expecting,' a source spills to claims.

In 2012 it was reported that the couple were expecting, only to be devastated when Mary-Kate lost the baby a few weeks in. 'But Olivier was totally there for her.' report claims Mary-Kate's tragedy brought the sisters closer together, with the two showing up to a fashion event clinging together and Ashley clearly protective.

Kids should be able to be kids and childhood shouldn't be twin-terrupted. It cost ,000 and it's covered in prescription pills.

Art is definitely subjective, but some thought the piece glorified prescription drug use, which seems weird coming from those cute kids from Now, they aren't identical twins, they are fraternal, but there have been rumors that Mary-Kate went under the knife.

Above, in honor of Ashley Olsen’s budding new romance, here is a look back at the power women who have defied convention and given their hearts to someone outside of their age bracket.

You watched them grow up on ' Full House,' now get the scoop on what they are really like. They went from dating more "age appropriate" guys in high school to significantly older men down the road.

That isn't that surprising since being a twin is a pretty special thing, and when under observation all the time, sometimes privacy has to be created. Not like the kind you burn that smells nice, but more like the kind where you know when something is wrong because you are just SO connected.

For the curious, here are 15 awkward and weird details about Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen's twin relationship that you might not know.

And these ladies aren’t the first ones in the spotlight who have given their heart to a man nearly two decades their senior.

In fact, past and present, there have been a slew of celebrities who have dated up (in years, so to speak).

But they are still our favorites, because nostalgia and adorableness.

They have so much in common and some of it is admittedly odd.

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