Validating with a custom function for asp net server controls

Perform analysis using data science techniques on structured and unstructured data sets, and develop algorithms for targeted business needs.Design and develop data models to predict member outcomes or future impact of key member decisions.Participate in presentations and communicate results of analysis and findings.Participate in the design of automated, operational analytics processes to achieve scale and durability of analysis processes.• Serve as technical resource in development team’s efforts to determine the needs of the business that will simplify and automate the applications and services as well make them more efficient • Acts as a liaison to the enterprise business units and IT teams to plan, schedule and implement remediation to ensure that all systems are running the latest software versions and patches at all times.• Configure, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot windows software deployment Job description Responsible for developing, enhancing, modifying and/or maintaining applications in the Global Markets environment.We have full time opportunity for IT Audit Project Manager in Oakland, California.***Looking for visa independent candidates*** Job description: This position can be based out of Aurora CO, Pasadena CA, Oakland CA, or Renton WA.

Essential Functions: Leads the field execution of diverse audits, reviews, and special projects.

Evaluate and design experiments to monitor key metrics and identify improvement opportunities.

Develop mathematical and statistical models to distinguish relevant content or events and recognize patterns.

Role Specific Responsibilities: • Responsible for developing software in Python, object-oriented database and grid using proprietary Quartz platform.

• Responsible for building REST web services • Responsible for designing interface between UI and REST service.

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