Updating pivot tables

I haven't updated Pivot Tables with multiple values like you're requesting, but here is an example where the filter on every pivot table in a workbook is reset to a new value on a master sheet.

This example only loops through five sheets (the 2nd through 6th) and that loop code will need to be changed to follow your workbook construction.

Yes for instance in May and May entries, you want to set the filter to October to April.

(Information period is October - September for instance.

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Any time you close then re-open the file, the pivot table will be refreshed.

To set this up: The final way to update the pivot table is with programming.

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When you change the grouping in one pivot table, the same grouping appears in the other pivot table.

For example, change the date grouping in the first pivot table to Months, and the dates in the second pivot table automatically group in Months.

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You'll definitely want a VBA routine to do something like this.

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