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She couldn't stand the thought of having to give him up.He had been our mother's dog and Bigboy was at her side when she had passed away, true to the last.” “ not a problem” I said, “help yourself, I’ll go wait in the bar, give you some privacy.” “Nah, that’s okay I’ll only be a few minutes, you’re cool” she said promptly turning and entering the bathroom of my hotel room.I went and sat on the towels I had laid out on the bed so as not to stain the bedding with my after sun crea… Read more That morning I was home alone; sitting at the living room and sipping a coffee.Originally she also had a little more in the hips and tummy but less than most women her age with really big breasts. When I was younger my dad wasn't so… Read more There was a gentle knock on the door, at the same instant that Whats App delivered the message ‘can I use your shower, mine is not working’.

His time is short before going overseas again… Read more So just 2 weeks back I bore the most beautiful twins, Sahil and Shanaya!Mom had asked Cheryl to take good care of him and she had.Cheryl had lived on the farm with mom and had the same love of the farm and the a****ls as her mom had.But anyway, my moms name is Janice, really attractive, well to me anyway especially after things got going even more so.Mom has really large breasts, the kind that you just can't hide.

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