Specific irish dating

The more tailored you want it — the more we charge.

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Winning combinations in her experience include American/Irish, English/German, English and/Nordic, but not English/French or English/Italian.

"Now a 30-year-old [woman] is happy to go out with a 50-year-old man.

Woman are having kids much later so they're easier to match, too, and we get lots of women coming to us in their 40s who have already had their eggs frozen." While people are happy to travel and less hung up on age, Molloy added that her clients are much more fussy with their wish lists than they once were.

But Molloy said she can charge up to £100,000 for highly tailored packages — with some very specific requests.

"It all depends on how discrete you want us to be, how much travelling you want me to do, how much of my team you need.

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