Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware

Serial communication line for running SRT is necessary to realize drive connection with the host computer, users who need to buy communication line may contact HYDATA Customer Service.

The communication line adopts USB port access, if you have the related electronic experiences, you may make it on your own.

Pulling disk and connecting it to AHCI SATA controller would be easy, but there's one those lovely warranty void if seal is broken stickers.

Warranty from Seagate would be enough for me even with Trek Stor warranty voided, but no luck with that either - disks are OEM versions so no warranty service available from Seagate.

It’s no need to change your firmware unless "stuck" and "instant loss" occurred. Enter HDD S/N and information of authentication dialog (e.g.

To check your drive as per the following operations: 1. 9QM9NHVR, serial number checked by tool): to check drive was affected or not, if need to upgrade) If the result showing "Drive is affected" indicates that your drive has been affected, you should upgrade your firmware.

If drive can be used normally without problems above, it is advised that you should make a backup before refurbishing.

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Apparantly, the SD1A firmware update did more bad than good as many users are reporting that the update broke their hard drive.Please see the detailed description from official website.Notice: you must take a risk refurbishing firmware, please think twice before you do.But how to upgrade firmware when disk is in external USB 3.0 enclosure?Firmware upgrade tool supplied by Seagate runs in DOS and can't upgrade USB disks.

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