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” “One Night Stand in Reykjavík”, “Miss Iceland Awaits” and “Get lucky in Reykjavik”.The Roster blog goes on to theorize the reasons for the absence of dating culture quoting literature like “Paradise Reclaimed”, by author Laxnes where it basically sais that love hadn’t reached the island in the 1800 and for its hard conditions, mating was for surviving therefore “love is as rare as the sun”.I’m from Varna, Bulgaria, currently living and working in Iceland. my hair color is blonde, i like to fly it all back, am athletic in body size Normal man, with good comunication skills. I am a A true Aries in every way, loyal and honest I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing sometimes,. Send me your email and maybe we can talk and just see what happens Short, salt & pepper hair, Am Lindsey easy going person, i like smiling, cooking and hanging out with friends, swimming and traveling and i work as a pediatric nurse. On a weekend where the likes of the legendary Underworld, Ben Frost and Nadia Rose bought their A-Game to Iceland it was Cassy and Yamaho who stole the show in Resident Advisor’s Sonar Lab.

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The perceived promiscuity of the islanders is in fact infamous as is covered in Grapevine, and Airline Company Iceland Air capitalized on it in the nineties by turning Iceland into “a hot destination” for so-called “dirty weekends.” and thereby certainly did its part in spreading that message, or myth, depending on the position you take, by actually using catchphrases like “Fancy a dirty Weekend in Iceland?

"There is a fire in the forest that is spreading quickly with heavy smoke," the National Website for Emergency Information explained.

Älvdalen (Dalarna) Residents in the area between the Trängslet shooting range and Haftorsbygget in Älvdalen were also told to "vacate the area immediately" on Wednesday afternoon, as the fire in the military range is "spreading rapidly towards the northwest".

#firefighter #sweden #respect #skogsbrand #dogs #hikingdogs #hiking #vandramedhund #allemansrätten #swedishsummer #strongertogether A post shared by Laidback London (@laidbacklondon12) on Härjedalen (Jämtland) Forest fires in Olingdal and Härjåsjön, Härjedalen meant residents were urged on Tuesday to vacate the area, as is anyone in nearby Olingsjövallen, with a fire in Lillåsen west of the Amsen lake at risk of spreading quickly.

Planes are due to begin water-bombing the zone on Wednesday afternoon.

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