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Furthermore, topographical maps are concerned with lines of elevation.What the surveyor tries to do is to identify breaks and rises in the landscape and to mark their path across the landscape by recording as few points as are necessary to later produce a map from the several stored points.This means looking for places where changes in elevation begin or cease occurring, breaks in gradient and beginnings of changes, whether gradual or rapid.

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One or two land uses may be dominant, or the landscape may be more like a patchwork.

(Jacquelyn Gill) Orient yourself to the landscape by walking and looking.

Take along a local map to help identify the region’s boundary lines, transportation corridors, sources of water and other prominently displayed features. Are any of the attributes on your local map noticeable from where you are standing?

Of primary importance are stable elements of the landscape and large physical features.

Trees, fence lines, building structures, and so on all need to be marked, recorded, and given a notation that serves as an abbreviated reminder of their size and orientation.

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