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The complaint was upheld as a breach of Clause 11, and Paisley Daily Express was required to publish this adjudication as a remedy.The newspaper said that in accordance with the principle of open justice, it is essential that the press are able to report on cases such as the case subject to the complaint.The Committee acknowledged the publication had taken steps to comply with this obligation.However, the Committee considered that the detail the articles contained about the circumstances in which the defendant committed some of the offences could only reasonably be applied to a relatively narrow class of individuals.Both articles reported the period over which the offences occurred, by reference to month and year, and provided detail on the circumstances of the offences.They reported the age of the victim when the offences began.While the Committee acknowledged that the complainant strongly objected to his remarks, it was not inaccurate for the articles to report that these remarks had been made. The reference to the charity in the second article were general comments on the case, and did not suggest that they had any direct involvement.This aspect of the article was not misleading, and there was no breach of Clause 1 on this point.12.

However, Clause 11 of the Code requires that, in doing so, it did not publish material likely to contribute to the identification of the victim.Relevant code provisions 1 Accuracy (2016) 2 Privacy (2016) 7 Children in sex cases (2016) 11 Victims of sexual assault (2016) Publication Paisley Daily Express (Reach PLC) Conclusion Breach - sanction: publication of adjudication 1.A man complained on behalf of a person that the Paisley Daily Express breached Clause 1 (Accuracy), Clause 2 (Privacy), Clause 7 (Children in sex cases), and Clause 11 (Victims of sexual assault) of the Editors’ Code of Practice in two articles published in 2017.3.Reporting these details did not breach Clause 2.10.The defendant’s comments on the offences had been referred to in court, and the newspaper was entitled to report these, in accordance with the principle of open justice.

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