Most intimidating football grounds in england dating game rules for women

It has lost some luster in recent years, but you can be sure teams still aren't excited to travel to Anfield in the middle of an EPL season.Location: Ibrox, Glasgow, Scotland Open: 1899Another legendary club. Ibrox Stadium hosts Rangers, and they have made a pretty solid pairing.Location: Munich, Germany Opened: 2005Allianz Arena is the home of Bayern Munich, and it is a tough place to play.

When Schalke 04 play there, the fans come out in droves.No matter how you try to ignore it, there are some football stadiums that are just intimidating.All around the world, there are stadiums that work as fortresses.However, the seats are close to the pitch, and the bowl gives it a seriously cool feel.As an annual host to one of the best derby matches in the world, Ibrox Stadium has seen plenty of animosity over the years.

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