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I personally experience the treat of making love to a few Javanese women, so sensual in their nature while respectful and obedient forward my sexual desires.I confidently can say that Java women are truly unique and skillful master of pleasure.Imagine having your new girlfriend excited to meet for the first time.Not only she’ll be ready to have sex with you, but it’s going to be a mind blow experience.I never get enough of it, making me going back again and again.Look, West Java is known for having a high level of prostitution mainly found in towns, while villages are untouched.Girls wear a simple scarf to cover their hair called jeans and long sleeves shirts.Having said that, in the nightclubs girls dress provocatively, not minding wearing short skirts and high hills 🙂 For me, that is the beauty of this country.

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I also noticed foreigners were prizing their beauty while highlighting their sexual capabilities.Over the centuries, the locals mixed with the Dutch giving birth to interesting physical features, creating the most beautiful and look after women in Indonesia.Second, their welcoming nature being soft and easy-going.Sundanese women are known for their beauty and wild nature for centuries.In fact, when the Netherland colonizers arrived in West Java, they were speechless to the beauty of the Javanese girls.

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