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Still, one finds individual humor at the unlikeliest turns and it is best probably spared from being shared beyond one's self. I spoke by phone with Amy Richmond who is the Program/Sponsorship manager located in the Mangochi District in the Southern Region of Malawi.

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But, I thought that I should, in any case stop, in and ask for a list of these high-grade professionals so as to be on the alert for their subterfuge!

I finally interrupted and simply asked, "Where do all of you eat for lunch? Reuben the Office Administrator, who accompanied me quickly pointed out that I could use a fork or a spoon for the Nsima (similar to corn grits from the American South) if I preferred.

" I was told that a cafe was within this business complex just a few doors away. I quickly noticed that everyone in this crowded cafe were using their hands, which I am familiar with, especially since I travel to Muslim countries.

The only evidence that I saw was an increased in armed guards in the airport terminal and even patrolling on the tarmac.

I was picked up by a driver from the Save the children here in the capital city of Lilongwe.

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