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The Chichinautzin volcanic field covers a broad, 1000 sq km area with more than 150 small cones of mostly Holocene age.

In addition to the Xitle eruption less than 2000 years ago, an eruption of Cerro Chichinautzin was witnessed by local inhabitants.The Xitle eruption produced a massive basaltic tube-fed lava flow that covered agricultural lands as well as pyramids and other structures of Cuicuilco and adjacent prehispanic urban centers.The southern part of Mexico City and the National University of México lie atop the distal end of the 13-km-long lava flow.Photo by Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, 1997 (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).The SE part of the Chichinautzin volcanic field, seen here from the east on the flanks of the Sierra Nevada, forms a major topographic barrier at the southern end of the Valley of Mexico.

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