Jensen ackles dating joanna krupa

From the intro section - "is an American actor and former male fashion model." Is male fashion model the best term to use?I'm unaware of him doing any modeling as an adult, which is what I assume when I read that (kind of implies catwalk-type modeling, and also that that's something he was actually known for, like say, Tom Welling), so perhaps child model would be a better?" - Debuskjt , 1 September 2006 (UTC) Why is it that Eric Brady and Jason Teague are in Do OL and Smallville, but Dean Winchester is on Supernatural?I mean they both kinda make sense, but is there a reason why they're different?I wanted to explain myself here, though, because to anyone just looking at the diff of the last edit would think "WTF?Why would you rework the whole biography without reason?--Wordbuilder , 14 April 2007 (UTC) hello i'm trying to add a line about Jensen dating Danneel Harris (which is true! this is not my fault, i'm meerly trying to add more information...

That includes former girlfriends and one time dates. But I'm not going to back away from an article that needs work and I'm not going to change edit habits that are not in violation of Wiki policy (in fact, I'd say WP: BOLD supports it) to satisfy someone else's appetite for fancruft., would you stop changing and removing things simply because you don't know if the information is true, don't like a specific piece or whatever other reason you deem necessary.This page is open to everyone and therefore will be edited as such.- Debuskjt , 29 August 2006 (UTC) Tonight I stumbled across the biography of Ackles.To my horror, I realized that the original biography here had been a word for word copy of the IMDB biography without permission, a clear violation of WP: COPY.

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