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April 1, 2016 "Rockland lawmakers pushing for a bill to get revenue and oversight for the troubled East Ramapo school district said Friday that the measure failed to get into the state budget."You live to fight another day," said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowiski, D-New City, who was advocating for the measure along with Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern, and state Sen. Zebrowski said the lawmakers will try to get a standalone measure approved that would bring both money and oversight to East Ramapo. "But we are hopeful that post-budget there is still an opportunity." Complete Journal coverage here.Earlier today, news broke of a change in the reset timing of the annual credit.Instead of the travel credit resetting each December, it will reset based on the anniversary of the date you opened your account.One of the most generous benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve (referral link) credit card is its 0 annual travel credit.Right now, since the credit resets each December, you could receive the full travel credit twice–that’s 0–while paying only one annual fee of 0.The platform includes Momo mobile application and related features, functionalities, tools and services that are provided to users, customers and platform partners.It offerings includes live video, value added and mobile game services.

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I’ve highlighted the relevant definitions in the Benefit Terms below: A statement credit will automatically be applied to your account when your card is used for purchases in the travel category, up to an annual maximum accumulation of 0.

Although the new terms are designed to make it look as though you can’t double-dip, you still can. The double-dipping strategy I explained in this post still applies.

If you applied after that date, you’ll need some discipline, but you can make it work.

Legislator Charles Falciglia said he is requesting the probe because Eisenpress's campaign received near maximum contributions from more than 20 individuals and companies during a four-day period.

The majority of those donors never previously donated to a candidate.

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