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There are two types of messages displayed on this screen, system and user messages. System messages are generated by the system and provide the following information: It is simple, check the Private check box in the Control screen.Type the nickname of the person followed by a colon followed by your message, e.g. After typing the message, you need to either hit Return (Enter) key on your keyboard or click on the Send button.You can also erase all your private messages by simply clicking on “Erase All Messages” button.You first need to click on the “Logout” button and exit the chat room.An empty chat room is a lonely place in the cyberspace. The type of information that you provide about yourself should not be any different than those you give to someone that you meet for the first time.You should never give your home address or any information that you do not want to be available to public.Nickname, IP address and time of the entry of the new visitor is also included in the notification message.

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The user can erase his/or her private messages by simply clicking on “Erase All Messages” button.

Therefore, you should always use your best judgment when providing personal information over the net.

Iran Online Chat service is designed to be user friendly.

If you have the IP address of the person(s) that misuses the chat service, record and send them to “[email protected]”.

You can also ask everyone to log out the chat room.

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