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Please give my best to the children and if you can find it in your heart, defend what I have done.I know they never really forgave me for having that affair five years ago but it will still hurt never seeing them again.I don't feel too bad about that as I felt it was mine to sell.I know that you wanted to keep it as a nest egg for Jody, Ryan and Pat but Michael and I need the money.While I'm on that subject, please find attached a blank divorce application. I don't want you to hold out hope that I will be back, I'll be living my happily ever after without you.It seems unfair for you to have to wait 12 months to divorce me for abandonment.The biggest hoot though was when she wrote that she'd never met you. Knowing that however much we paid it just ended up her gifting the whole company to you." "I know Lis, I am so proud of you.

I never met the people that bought it as I worked through an intermediary so don't know what they're like.To be fair I have left you a signed power of attorney so you can transfer the title from our joint names to yours solely.Secondly, I have taken the 0,000 out of all our bank accounts and kept that as well.If you could see us together and see how much in love we are, I am sure you would be happy for me.To give you some emotional finality I can confirm that, yes I have been having a sexual relationship with him for the last nine months.

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