First magnus liquidating trust

"I have a feeling all of it (the money for wage claims) will be eaten up.

The attorneys always win." Mattull said he doesn't believe his branch employed enough people to be part of the WARN Act suit. We paid about 5 percent of the wage claims months ago.

I don't know about you, but many days my work email fills up faster than I can keep up with it.

That suit, which was dismissed in bankruptcy court by Chief Judge James Marlar, is under appeal in the U. David Mattull, a former regional production manager for First Magnus in St.

Louis, Mo., is skeptical that checks will be coming anytime soon. Mattull said he is owed about ,750 and has eaten about ,000 he spent on travel expenses, which don't count toward the wage claim, for the company.

But if people have received money, and there are defenses to preference actions like ordinary-course payments .

The drilling rig count was steady from November to December, fell sharply from December to January, and again into this month.

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