Error validating server certificate for google code

What I typically need is something like --insecure parameter to curl.Right now, our workaround is to just do some simple svn command so that we could answer "permanently" to and the issue would be solved..least until the ssl certificate gets changed/renewed again or the build is done on another new machine. Thanks in advance :) and the other option is to use something like openssl s_client with -showcerts to check and validate if the cert has changed prior to the svn call -and then either abort very cleanly and let a human make the judgment call, or something dirty - like using the -showcert to update the known cert in ~/.subversion.The primary difference between the X509Certificate and the X509Certificate2 class is that the private key must reside in the certificate store for the X509Certificate class.Even if certificates are added to a collection and associated with a specific SSL connection, no certificates will be sent to the server unless the server requests them. Net classes support several ways to select and validate System. A client can select one or more certificates to authenticate itself to a server. X509Certificates for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.Security in Network Programming Network Programming in the .

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This just confused me because there's no mention of any of these things in the docs.

If multiple client certificates are set on a connection, the best one will be used based on an algorithm that considers the match between the list of certificate issuers provided by the server and the client certificate issuer name.

The Ssl Stream class provides even more control over the SSL handshake.

A server can require that a client certificate have one or more specific attributes for authentication.

A certificate is an ASCII byte stream that contains a public key, attributes (such as version number, serial number, and expiration date) and a digital signature from a Certificate Authority.

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