Error updating view lotus domino

As shown in Figure 1, set the field “Automatically Full-text Index Domino Directory?

” to “Yes.” After making this change, reload the LDAP schema to initiate the change by issuing the console command: tell ldap reloadschema.

With this variable, full-text indexing is spawned off to its own thread, removing full-text index updates from the view update thread.

This can translate into substantial performance improvements.

These areas are: disabling on-the-fly full-text indexing, spawning full-text indexing to its own thread and full-text indexing for lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) performance.

There’s a variable that can be used to disable building of full-text indexes on the fly for a Domino server.

This can quickly translate into a bottleneck for update processing on the Domino server.

Resolution to this issue comes in the form of a variable called Update_Fulltext_Thread=1.

My final tip is related to optimizing performance of Domino when it provides LDAP services.Enabling full-text indexing is especially important if nested groups are used within the Domino directory.Full-text indexing is enabled in the LDAP settings for the Domino server.Selection of this property prevents users from performing searches in these databases that don’t have permanent full-text indexes already created.This new enhancement provides the flexibility required in many environments to allow occasional on-the-fly full-text indexes to be created where they’re needed, while disabling on-the-fly full-text indexes from being created in databases that really tax the server.

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