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First go to Pride Lake in CL, then he wants you to go to Black Water Lake in Nek.Haven't finished the rest but hopefully it's worth it.

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(by Ashra) add / see comments | submit help info QUEST WELL WORTH IT!!!!The militia will not tolerate these worthless animals eating any more con scripts. add / see comments | submit help info Recieved after completing the previous contracts: Mercenary Contract - Releasing the Undead1.A bounty has been placed on the beaks of twenty owlbears." I Must collect hte beaks from owlbear here in the Nektulos Forest. Slay Gul'Thex Elite Guards and collect 4 amulets 2. Slay Lord J'Narus (lvl 29^^) and collect his amulet (loc: roaming behind the Citadel of Gul'Thex) 4.He asks now to return a flask of water from Behemoth Pond within 9 minutes. Return to the Dragoon for the final step which is to kill Captain T'Sanne at the Gul'Thex Citadel.Reward is a weapon, personal and guild status (didn't finish by now, so no details, sorry).(by Elulee, Remnant of Darkness, Lucan DLere) add / see comments | submit help info The contract reads- "The owlbears in this godsforsaken forest have decided that members of the Crimson Wind division of the Freeport Militia are edible.

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