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Members, whose average age ranges between 18 and 35, sign in through Facebook, and Down uses their friends, friends of friends and other connections to create matches.For something a little more serious, users can choose to “Get Date,” but if they want something more casual, then they can choose “Get Down.'” Keeping with the anonymous theme, no matter what a user chooses, the person on the other end cannot see who they are until they also choose to get a date or get down.

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Another fun fact: It’s mostly women who are looking to get down.

Whether you want to have the romance with her or simply enjoy candle light dinner party with her.

However, the one thing is sure you enjoy with escorts.

“We wanted to give people a more honest way to connect with each other and make sure we’re not, frankly, bullshitting them,” he said.

This honesty also is reflected in Down’s user base.

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