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We will then add you into our Band Restriction Policy.One thing to think about - the shows are out there.I do have a question though- For the Intake Mechanism tab, how does one determine a reasonable drag load?On the bright side, having teams across the country add more power to their intakes than necessary will only result in higher quality intakes across the board.It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms.Any copyrighted content that is reported to the Administrators will be removed immediately.

You may contact the Site Admin through the Contact Us link.It's a huge time saver and a great educational tool.From our builds and testing, we have found the 80% overall 'efficiency' is a very good number to use. We have used it extensively in the past, used it for our drive and lift in 2016, and are using it now for our drive and lift for 2017.Just wanted to bring this resource everyone's attention.I've had a lot of teams contacting me this year asking for help on selecting gear ratios and motors for drivetrains, intakes, and hangers.

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