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This is bound to let people sit up and take notice of you. Imagine that all people using social media are your buddies.

Make conversation with them like you would, with your friends. Understand that the blogosphere and social media are like Siamese twins – they always go hand-in-hand.

How do you turn the stoplight on your application and get people going crazy over your hard work? Adding that unique feature will immediately push customers’ attention to it.

Now that you created this wonderful app, how do you go about getting people to spread the word and purchase it? Today, it might get difficult to come up with an entirely new idea or category – there are just too many of them in App Stores already. That will help push up your reputation in any app store.6 Tips to Develop Usable Mobile Phone Apps Before you even start talking about the product, you need to create an effective marketing pitch for it.

Twitter allows only 280 characters, so decide what you should say and how you should say it.

Use a lot of humour and casual conversation while presenting your product on Twitter. ” will make you highly tweet-worthy, instantly.8 Ways in which Social Networks can Help with Mobile Marketing Being noticed via Social Media is all about being easy, conversational and approachable.

Try and find category-specific blogs and you will instantly be able to approach target customers, without too much extra effort.

Tech sites and review blogs are very useful in generating traffic too, so do try and get your product featured on these blogs.

Creating a Succesful Mobile App Brand Create a nice media pitch to market your product.

You will benefit immensely from including your app therein. There are almost 1,500,000 apps in the market and counting.

How do you go about ensuring that the app you created gets the attention it deserves?

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