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On the marriage satisfaction scale, Internet couples held a position of 5.64 points while couples who met in real-life held a score of 5.48 points.Those who met their other half in their daily lives, as a rule, met them at work, during studying at school, at church, at public gatherings, at the party, bars and other places.By making acquaintances with foreigners, some girls can expect enchanting chivalrous deeds from a foreign man with an intriguing culture.However, as life experience shows, usually such “representations” are made by young, passionate men, or those who do not want a serious relationship, but only temporary flirting.

That’s what sugar daddy website NYC was created for…It is especially difficult for women who develop professionally and successfully in their careers.In these cases, there is almost no time for women to focus on new acquaintances and romantic dates.Chicago University managed a unique study that backed up claims that online dating can lead to success.As The Times of India writes, more than a third of relationships concluded in 2005-2012 with a wedding began with help of dating sites.

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