Dating game love midlife playing second sight

But there is truth IN it and it's that truth that I'm thinking about today.

My source is in his 80s, an educator for more than 60 years, a brutal skeptic and about as pragmatic and unsentimental as a human being can get. New rules Everyone I talked to said something to the effect of: All bets are off.

I believe in love and that it will come if you are open to it. Blended families rarely work out with the often rancorous disputes over children end in divorce disaster.

Having believed I did everything right with my second marriage; loving environment, beautiful children, no arguing, financial security, etc.... I was offering some hope for finding love - what you do with it is an entirely different story. I do not believe that has to be the end of a romantic life, though.

You can be vulnerable and open for the first time in your entire life.

Of course, we’d be loath to admit it in this day and age, but ask any soul-baring 40-year-old single heterosexual woman what she most longs for in life, and she probably won’t tell you it’s a better career or a smaller waistline or a bigger apartment.

Most likely, she’ll say that what she really wants is a husband (and, by extension, a child).

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