Dating dont dos dating etiquette in the 1950s

You never know, she might be the person whom you have been dreaming to go on a dinner with. Meet people who are always there for you, people from whom you get emotional support when you are down.

Dating must not be taken as a test but a way of celebrating love.

Either, we are available all day or never, we are always on the phone or we never call, wear funky footwear to a fancy restaurant, talk nonsense on cell phones at dinner, laughing loudly at foolish jokes, and select the wrong color for our carnation, it’s a long list.

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Some western men think showering every couple of days, and wearing the same clothes, is possible here. A shower every day in Thailand is mandatory and two or three is even better.

Dating is a complex, time consuming and tiring endeavor so you always better know what you will exactly be doing. Don’t be shy of meeting people and make the most of every opportunity.

Be quick to respond to a person who is interested in you.

Many, in fact, don’t even have sex until they get married (according to several polls, more than 60% of Thai women are virgins when they get married). – Trying to make a Thai girl choose you over her family will backfire every time. If a western guy is constantly bragging about how much money he has and how much he makes, she might seem attracted but, deep down, she’s thinking “What a loser”. When first dating a Thai girl, don’t bitch and moan about Thailand. These five simple dos and five simple don’ts will make a beginning relationship with a Thai girl so much easier.

Pressuring your Thai girlfriend for sex, if she’s a good Thai girl, is the fastest way to get her to dump you. Thai women love their families and, if push comes to shove, they’ll choose them over something or someone else just about every time. Show you have enough money to take care of her by being generous. – If I had a baht for every Thai girl who’s told me western men smell, I’d be a rich woman. Thai girls don’t like people who smell and few of them will date a guy for long who does. Thai girls are well aware their country has problems (just like every country does). If you do, she’ll likely break up with you and, on the way out, say “Why don’t you just go home”. Thais are some of the most relaxed and accepting people in the world so dating a Thai girl can be a lot easier than dating a western one.

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