Dating a passive man

Many women in our generation have quickly realized the unfortunate lack of Alpha Males.Passive men may be quick to state “why don’t women simply become less passive themselves, instead of complaining about passive men?Emotional Dart Throwing–She Says Mean one-liners full of blame and accusations, and appears anxious and angry, despite being half-engaged in another task, such as reading a magazine in the passenger side of a car while on a long day trip or doing small chores around the house.She may be unable to make eye contact with you while delivering these barbs in your direction, and so appears to be focused in her other task.

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Another cause of passive-aggressive coping mechanisms is spending a lot of time around other passive-aggressive people who have accepted the maladaptive communication style as the accepted norm.

Working on correcting passive-aggressive tendencies will make for a more emotionally stable and healthy relationship with your partner.

Here is a guide to defusing the top two passive-aggressive behaviors in relationships: The Silent Treatment–She Says…Nothing despondently while bearing a sad look on her face, shoulders facing downward in “mope” stance.

These people could be parents, siblings, friends, and even past partners.

Passive-aggressive behavior can also be seen in someone who has a dependent personality or who tends to look at things in all-or-nothing terms.

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