Christian parenting on dating

It is important for both parent and teen to sit down and discuss each dating opportunity keeping in mind that there will be times when the decision is difficult.

Whatever the case, make it your routine to share all dating opportunities with the Lord in prayer.

There are no intermediaries between God's authority and that of parents.

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Ask to meet any new acquaintances and be sure they know that you are actively involved in your child's life. Be flexible when necessary but be sure that you are making the decisions.Parents should also take note of where their teen is in the relationship process, making an effort to guide their child each step along the way with a loving and knowing hand.Dating: A Christian Parent's Role It is not surprising that many parents find themselves lost when it come to understanding their proper role in this evolutionary cycle of teen/peer relationship growth.Make sure that decisions facing your family are decided expeditously by you.When your children eventually reach their teen years and "dating" relationships are realized, you will thank yourself for "plowing the ground" ahead of time.

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