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He has written many successful business plans to launch and execute new ventures and new product operations.Brian was a member of the 1984 BYU National Championship Football Team, a two-sport All American, and four-sport All State athlete in high school.It happens to far too many of us, taking the beauty out of our lives and leaving only the ugly…if we let it.Paul Cactus Jack Le Mar chose not to perpetuate the dysfunction.He is the proud father of six children – including two sets of twins.

Due to difficult circumstances during his childhood, his family often didn’t have enough to meet even their most basic needs.

Perhaps you will learn through his experiences a few tools for creating beauty from ugliness.

Come see life according to Cactus and learn to create life according to you…Speaker Bio He was raised in a family that silenced his voice, devalued his worth, diminished his hope and abused his innocence.

He is COO and Principal of Capstone Capital, an independently owned SEC registered investment advisor based in Henderson, Nevada.

Aside from his passion for personal finance, Adam is an accomplished singer, pianist, and composer.

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