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Although there are many advantages to the Internet, there are also many serious problems that occur with Internet use.

Some of the problems of the Internet include, cyberstalking and identity theft and Internet addiction.

Who could have believed this to be true ten years ago.

This technological device happens to be the Internet and it is very prevalent in our modern day society.

I want to face about 100 among 2000 students degree level. Students also consisting in BSC (HONS) in BIT of Accounting, International Business, Network and Computer Science course.

This study purpose is to investigate on implication of internet usage among KPTMKL’s students that affect their attitude.

[tags: education, higher learning, communication] - Internet Usage in College life Who would have thought that one technological advance would change the way we look at many things in life.

[tags: Papers] - Introduction The growing issues with Internet usage in the workplace has become a major concern for employers.

Employers are discovering that employees are spending hours of wasted time surfing the Internet and sending inappropriate emails.

It is involved with every facet of life from parenting to sports, from shows to artistic expression, and from education in the college realm.

The Internet has changed many things including the educational system of America....

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