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(Boyd Sellers); A Plea That Needs To Be Heard (from Life of Luther, by Michelet); Abraham Lincoln said of Americans (selected); It Needs No Change (Greg Gwin) 5/3/15 Do You Know One? Garfield (selected); The Cure for Fighting (Greg Gwin) 3/1/15 Prayer in the Book of James (Bryan Vinson, Jr.); ‘For The Show’ (Greg Gwin) 2/22/15 What Does Legalism Mean? (Greg Gwin) 2/1/15 “Answering the “My God Is Bigger Than That! (Greg Gwin) 12/28/14 Not Just for New Years (Gene Taylor); YOUR Year in Review (Greg Gwin) 12/21/14 Can Christians Help Support The Salvation Army? (Greg Gwin); What We KNOW About Christmas (Greg Gwin) 12/14/14 What Are You Looking For? (Johnny Polk); Six Questions for Young People (David Riggs); Moral Relativity vs. Deaton); Contentment (Kyle Campbell) But, What About Him? ” (Bob Craig); We Love You This Much (David Mc Pherson); Check Your Tongue (Michael Pickford); Why Were YOU Baptized?

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(Greg Gwin) 6/21/15 The Indwelling of the Spirit (Bill Hall); What Determines Right? Turner); The Reason Why One is Baptized is Important (Greg Gwin) 4/19/15 Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?

(Bill Crews); Do You Really Think You Are the First to Think of That? (Robert Harkrider); “An Abiding Principle (Benjamin Franklin); Two Important Verses about Benevolence (Greg Gwin) 4/5/15 Pay Attention (Frank Himmel); A Needed Warning (James Hahn); “In Modest Apparel” (Greg Gwin) 3/29/15 Why I Pray (Warren Berkley); “Just As I Am” (Frank Himmel); Be Careful With Your Words (Greg Gwin) 3/22/15 “It Is Not Reasonable” (Joe Fitch); The Importance of Thoughts (Bill Crews); Valuing Sparrows (Greg Gwin) 3/15/15 Be Careful, You’re Bending That Twig (Leslie Diestelkamp); License to Complain (selected); Where Do You Want To Go? Beasley); Camouflage (Greg Gwin) 2/15/15 Brotherly Love – The Real Test (Bill Hall); How Is Your Vision?

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