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Miroku is scheduled to arrive, according to Japan’s Shingon 真言 sect of Esoteric Buddhism (Mikkyō 密教), about 5.6 billion years from now, to bestow universal salvation on all beings.Jizō appears in many different forms to alleviate the suffering of the living and the dead.Many Japanese, even today, believe Jizō will save them at any time, in any situation, without any conditions or stipulations beyond simple faith.Even those who have already fallen into the pit of hell are promised assistance.

When Jizō shakes the staff, it awakens us from our delusions, to help us break free of the six states of rebirth and achieve enlightenment. = Cintamani) signifies Jizō’s bestowal of blessings on all who suffer, for the jewel grants wishes, pacifies desires, and brings clear understanding of the Dharma (Buddhist law). In Shingon Buddhism, when young children die, this Sanskrit seed is written on the memorial tablet to signify that the powerless child is saved and enabled to attain enlightenment. Patron of Children, Expectant Mothers, Firemen, Travelers, Pilgrims, Aborted / Miscarried Babies. Affectionately known in Japan as O-Jizō-Sama One of the most beloved of all Japanese divinities, Jizō works to ease the suffering and shorten the sentence of those serving time in hell, to deliver the faithful into Amida’s western paradise (where inhabitants are no longer trapped in the six states of desire and karmic rebirth), and to answer the prayers of the living for health, success, children, and all manner of mundane petitions.

It is no exaggeration to say that nearly all villages and localities have their own beloved Jizō statues, which are frequently given unique names defining their specific salvific functions.

Some of Japan’s innumerable Jizō emanations (both traditional and modern) include: Although of India origin, Kshitigarbha (Jizō) is revered more widely in Japan, Korea, and China than in either India or Tibet.

In modern Japan, Jizō is a savior par excellence, a friend to all, never frightening even to children, and his/her many manifestations -- often cute and cartoon-like in contemporary times -- incorporate Taoist, Buddhist, and Shintō elements. Bosatsu), one who achieves enlightenment but postpones Buddhahood until all can be saved.

Jizō is often translated as Womb of the Earth, for JI 地 means earth, while ZŌ 蔵 means womb.

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