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Definitely no chance any skeletons get left in the closet this way, right!? As for the grand finale, there's lazy, reductive sexism apparent in how the titular proposal moment plays out.

Suitor Mike asked one woman whether she'd mind that he's an amputee (she said no), while suitor Ashlee asked a man if he'd mind that she has a child (he said no). (And look, the show is a farce but still, try harder ABC!

plays out like a speed dating/pageant hybrid: a single suitor, hidden in dubious shadow (from both the contestants and the audience at-home), is offered a platter of 10 would-be life partners.

Through the course of the show, the suitor winnows that platter down from 10 to 1.

Don’t get me wrong, I will watch ’s craft services budget and casting dregs — it's unabashedly tacky, nonsensical, and the right kind of cheap But also all wrong!

By the time suitor Mike promises his love to Monica, his collar is covered in stage makeup that had most likely melted away due to stress sweat.

Mostly interchangeable bros you'd imagine were street cast outside the studio earlier that day, as well as a big I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why these people, who looked like they’d rather be anywhere other than onstage, were subjecting themselves to the process. During the premiere's beachwear round (yes, features a swimwear competition segment), one woman shakily removed her sarong because she wanted to be “vulnerable.” But WHY!?

Perfect Match began as a collaboration between UTS Careers Service, the NSW Centre for Volunteering, the BUi LD leadership program, the law faculty’s Brennan Justice and Leadership Program and Shopfront’s UTS: SOUL Award.

It counts Lifeline, The Smith Family and the Wilderness Society among its partners.

I’ve never seen someone, let alone the “star” of one of these shows so unkempt, and that’s an apt metaphor for the show as a whole.

ABC’s newest reality TV dating series, The Proposal, is the newest show created by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, but you won’t see Chris Harrison handing out roses on the 10-episode summer love-fest. Season 5 The Bachelor star, Jesse Palmer, will host The Proposal.

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