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Although the Trump administration put Iran “on notice,” it remains unclear how it plans to make good on its pledge to address Iran’s destabilizing regional policies without sowing further conflict and instability.

As it seeks out venues to escalate pressure against Iran, it is not clear that the administration has prepared for potential retaliation from Iranian proxies elsewhere in the region—for example, against U. troops stationed in Iraq—nor has it asked Gulf partners to take difficult steps in divided societies to shore up institutions that would reduce vulnerabilities to Iranian revolution. President Trump has offered Gulf leaders support for their campaign and ramped up U. military operations in Yemen, dropping more bombs in a single week than President Obama did in all of last year.

Absent good answers, the administration should not deepen its involvement.

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It also includes many exciting new faces that offer new generations of long-standing families that have headed family businesses as well as the new breed of Middle Eastern entrepreneur that mixes tradition with the emergence of exciting technologies and platforms collected from studying abroad.Trump promised the American people a new strategy for defeating the Islamic State—also known as ISIS—in the first 30 days of his administration. Instead, the Trump administration has largely continued President Obama’s military strategy in Iraq and seems poised also to follow the previous administration’s plan to retake Raqqa working with Syrian Kurds. Missile strikes could prevent further Syrian regime chemical attacks without escalation.But no plan is evident to link the use of force to a strategy to end Syria’s war.This represents a missed opportunity to drive a hard bargain in service of long-term U. Last October, the Center for American Progress, or CAP, called for repairing ties to America’s partners in the region, while also asking for concrete steps in return to address repression, end proxy conflicts, and deepen regional cooperation.There is little indication such steps are underway.

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